Some of these organizations offer services that fall into multiple categories, but I’ve grouped them into broad categories for ease of reference.

Animal Assisted Activities

Pet Partners® – a human services organization with a mission to improve human health and well-being through positive interactions with animals. The Pet Partners® therapy dog program offers comprehensive, standardized training in animal-assisted activities and therapy, for volunteers and health care professionals.

Reading Education Assistance Dogs® (National) – The R.E.A.D.® program began in Salt Lake City, Utah to improve children’s reading skills by reading to registered therapy animals, assisted by skilled animal handlers.

R.E.A.D.® Dogs Minnesota – a local affiliate of the national R.E.A.D.® program

Therapy Dogs International, Inc. – a volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, testing and registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers

Equine Facilitated Activities

American Hippotherapy Association – “Hippotherapy” refers to a treatment strategy used by occupational, physical, and speech therapists in which equine movement engages sensory, neuromotor, and cognitive systems to achieve functional outcomes as part of a patient’s integrated plan of care.

PATH International – Therapeutic (adaptive) riding offers health benefits and an opportunity for recreational and social interaction to people with special needs. Participants work in individual or (more often) group lessons to learn horsemanship skills and general knowledge of horse anatomy, behavior, care and grooming.  Classes are taught by trained riding instructors, with the assistance of volunteers who help riders with horse handling and lesson activities.

Libraries that Host Books with Boone

Delano Public Library – Delano, Minnesota

Maple Lake Library – Maple Lake, Minnesota

Other Interesting Information

Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption – a volunteer group established to find responsible homes for retired racing greyhounds, and to educate the public on the beauty and benefit of greyhounds as pets

Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue – a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of horses and other hooved animals