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Fun Activities and Ideas

Here you’ll find activities and ideas I’ve used in working with young readers and my dogs and horses to make reading fun. You can also read brief summaries of my visits to local libraries with Boone, the greyhound. I’ll add and update periodically, so please check back!

Horse Markings

Click on Chicago’s face to find a Horse Markings Match, with pictures of all three Pawsitive Steps horses!


Supplies Needed:

  1. Sight word cards
  2. Stampers (I found pawprint stampers in a variety of colors, which the kids really liked) or
  3. Small Stickers

The child chooses a card, reads the word, checks his/her bingo board for the word and covers it with a fun stamper or sticker.

Click on Boone’s face to open or download the Bingo board. The board is an MS Word document, so the words can be easily changed, and new boards printed.

Greyhound face


Words in the Woods

pink book with pawprintI printed words on index cards and pinned them to trees in the yard.  Readers walked with Boone around the yard to collect the cards, then completed each of the words on this sheet while sitting on a blanket with Boone. Reading the word as they took the card off the tree, and again after they filled in the “b”, “d”, or “g”, on the worksheet gave them practice. Doing it all with Boone alongside made it fun!

Words In The Woods – B

Words In The Woods – D

Words In The Woods – G

Horse Play Word Games

Click on Chicago’s face for a fun Word Search that helps young readers and riders learn many words associated with caring for, and working with, horses; or for a page of scrambled words that spell out parts of the horse.


Horse Play Word Search



Horse Parts Scrambled Words