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Pawsitively Peaceful

Boone Listens to a Reader

Blue skies, bright sun, beautiful leaves, and fall break made for a quiet day at the library, but provided a perfect setting for reading the adventures of a curious golden puppy, a crime-solving terrier, and a family friendly pug. Boone also heard a little review of colors, counting, and sight words, during a peaceful afternoon at the Delano Library with Adelynn, Bowen, Elyse, Lucy, Micah and Michael.  Thank you to them for spending a bit of their day with us!

Boone will be back at the library on Thursday, November 17, for one more visit before taking a winter break. Please stop by the front desk, or call  the library at 763.972.3467, to register for a time to read to him.

Rainy Day Reading

Dog listening to young reader

The rain came down and the readers came in! A full slate of book lovers waded through the weather and the road construction to spend a few minutes with the grey-faced greyhound. Boone listened to stories about new friends, old friends, helpful dogs, naughty dogs, rainy days, and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.

No better way to spend a gloomy day than reading with fun friends — thanks to Adelynn,  Bowen, Jenna, Justin, Kyra, Lucy and Michael for joining us.

Boone will return October 20, on what will be a bright, colorful fall day, no matter what the weather brings. Hope to see you then!

Beginnings and Endings


Even Boone can’t believe the summer program is already over!

We enjoyed a full slate of readers yesterday at the Delano Library, many of them double the pleasure, as Boone has developed a following of sibling sign-ups this summer.  I love the new friendships, and also love to see old friends – a couple of children have been faithful readers since we started the program several years ago and it’s a joy to catch up with them every month – we even get in a little reading between updates!

Though today was our final program for the summer, Boone and I will return for fall sessions in September, October and November. The dates will be posted on the “Books with Boone” page, and you’ll see that with the start of school, we’ve moved to Thursday afternoons.

I hope many of you will be able to fit Boone into your busy school year schedules so we can share more stories about Biscuit and Widget, Sam and Lucy, Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa!

A Midsummer Day’s Dreams


Today was a day of “what if’s…”

After listening to his readers at the Delano Library, Boone pondered the possibilities of giving a cat a cupcake, or a pig a party; a dog running loose in a school; a cat living in a library, and riding a pony to school. Then, as he often does, he took a nap…

Thank you to the new and returning friends who took time out of their days to visit us – we hope to see you next month on August 15!

Summer Start


Boone had a nearly full schedule of readers today at the Delano Library and he was happy to meet several new friends – many of them just toddling into the wonderful world of readers! Boone heard stories about capers and lollipops, construction equipment, fancy book reports, a dog that acts like a cat, and much more.

He looks forward to his return to the library at 10:30 on July 18. Please stop by and say Hi!

No Bake Dog Treats

Golden retriever Zenga loved these treats, made with ease and love by a Pawsitive Steps reader.