June 21

Boone is a tall brindle hound.
Who hopes you’ll be library-bound.
He’ll listen while you read
A book’s all you need
On the shelves are so many to be found!

Today we spotlighted Maple Lake Floral, learning a bit about flowers and what they need to grow.  Participants had the chance to dig in the dirt and plant their own sunflowers, so we look forward to hearing progress reports as the summer goes on!

In addition to hearing some old favorites from Ellie, Dylan, Kalli and Larson, Boone had the pleasure of listening to Ben read original material from his own novel – what a treat!

Next week is our Independence Day celebration, so we’ll join Storytime with Marie‘s younger readers for a celebration that will include a parade around the block. Boone will be decked out in some new patriotic bling, so hopes many of his library friends will march with him!

For more fun and games about flowers and gardening, click on the links below Boone.

Greyhound face

Word Search about Flowers (Level 1)

Word Search about Flowers (Level 2 – for those who like a challenge!) 

Fanciful Flowers Word Puzzle