June 14

There lives a big greyhound called Boone.
To the library he’ll travel in June.
He’ll be happy indeed
To hear some kids read
Then be home for his nap time at noon.

We started the summer with a small but stellar crowd. Veteran Books with Boone readers Ben, Christina and Larson discussed safe etiquette for meeting and greeting unfamiliar dogs, along with basic dog care and training. We went online to explore the Pawsitive Steps website and then Boone heard some fabulous reading from the Young Adult section! While waiting their turn to practice with Boone, each reader completed a “Reader Recommendation” form, so check those out if you’re looking for summer reads.

We hope to see more young readers next week, when we’ll plant sunflowers!

For a fun review of the library, click on Boone’s face:

Greyhound face  Word Search – Things We Find the Library