July 5

Once July 4th is part of the past
The summer seems to go pretty fast.
But in spite of the speed
There is still time to read
And with Boone, it’s no chore, it’s a blast!

Our Maple Lake Business of the day was Becka Beads and we took a little field trip to walk down the block and do a bit of window shopping to check out the fun creations displayed in Becka’s storefront.

Everybody got to make their own beaded artwork as they waited to read with our happy hound, Boone.

Much like we used patterns to create our projects, we can use patterns of letters and sounds when we learn to read. Check out these mystery message word games. Use the de-coding chart to figure out the pattern of letters and discover the secret message!

Greyhound face

Read to Succeed! – Level 1

Mystery Message – Level 2