July 19

To the libraries Boone soon will go.
Maple Lake, as well as Delano.
Young readers take their turn
For more time some will yearn
As their affection for books starts to grow.


It was a sweet day at the library, as we spotlighted the Maple Lake Bakery, searched local newspapers for fabulous recipes, and followed a recipe for our own make-and-take s’mores snack mix. Readers also brought home copies of recipes for easy-to-make Puppy Chow for People and Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies for Dogs.

Though his offer to volunteer as a taste-tester was respectfully declined, this may have been Boone’s favorite program of the summer!

Click below for a crossword puzzle full of baking terms!
Greyhound face

Tasty Treat Crossword Puzzle