August 16

All good things, they must come to an end.
Like sharing books with your big greyhound friend.
Boone loves when you read
It will help you succeed!
So his ear he’s been happy to lend.


Today brought an end to our program, but not to our summer break, so readers were reminded to enjoy the rest of the month and Don’t be Bored! We played fun board games with friends and read a little to our favorite greyhound before heading into “Back to School” season.

Everyone left with a book of their choice (thanks to the Friends of the Maple Lake Library) some Business Bucks, redeemable at many local merchants, and a gold medal with a picture of Boone, encouraging his group to “Read to Succeed!

Thank you to all of the parents and caregivers who made time in busy summer schedules to bring children to the library, to the readers who cheerfully spent a bit of their vacation time practicing their reading, and to my friend Terry Mooney, who helped me every Tuesday morning and beyond. I look forward to summer of ’17!


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