About Me

Woman and DogThank you for visiting Pawsitive Steps.

My name is Lisa Perovich, and I started Pawsitive Steps as a mentoring program to help children develop and improve their reading skills by partnering with a registered therapy dog and handler team. The vision was to provide a non-judgemental listener (the dog) in a unique environment (a small hobby farm) so children could build self-confidence through comfortable practice.

Pawsitive Steps continues to provide canine-assisted reading assistance through Books with Boone, but has expanded to offer ideas for fun activities to encourage young readers; as well as to provide information and connections to a variety of programs in the growing field of animal-assisted interactions.

I’ve been involved with assistance and therapy animals for over 30 years, and in addition to the reading program, have worked with occupational, physical and speech therapists who provide hippotherapy services, as well as a psychologist and social worker who created an equine-facilitated mental health program. I have also visited hospitals, schools, and residential care facilities with my registered therapy dogs, raised puppies for an assistance dog program, and volunteered with a therapeutic horseback riding program.

My greyhound Boone and I are a pet therapy team, registered with Therapy Dogs International®, and I have completed additional training with Pet Partners® and Reading Education Assistance Dogs®.  I’m also registered with PATH International® as a therapeutic riding instructor and an Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning.

Boone retired from a brief racing career several years ago, came to live with my husband and me through Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption, and now spends some of his time in local libraries, lying on a blanket, listening to children read. Though he occasionally displays a few seconds of great speed, Boone generally lives up to his breed’s couch-potato reputation and his casual, social nature makes him an excellent listener.

Because my experience is primarily with dogs and horses, much of the information provided on this site centers on programs that work with those species, but I am open to investigating others as well, so please get in touch if you have interest in other animals.